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My first app-like website for mobile phones 

Sunday, May 15, 2011 12:32:00 PM

Now finally, after some months of testing, my first website made to work like a native smartphone app is online.

It is the hour reporting system for consultants working for ProData Consult, so unless you have a Danish contract with them, you will not see anything except the login page at:

But the basic concept is as follows:

Instead of making an app for just one or two smartphones (which would always annoy all those who have selected a different smartphone), I have tried to design a website that is compatible with the most common OS'es and smartphones, such as iPhone, Android (with either its build in browser, Firefox or Opera Mobile), Symbian^3 and Windows Mobile 7 (and Windows Mobile 6.5 with Opera Mobile 10).

It even  works on an iPad and my BeBook NEO eBook reader (it has wi-fi and a standard WebKit browser, although it requires some patience to use)!

And by it being designed "like an app" I mean that for those browsers that support it (like Android), pressing the "back" button on the phone will close the open dialogue instead of navigating back in the history.

But the nightmare of smartphones is all the many differences in their browsers... Like Windows Phone 7 using the very old IE7, which does not support some of the things needed to make the back button work "like an app". But hopefully IE9 will soon be released for it, and then it should be just as pleasant to use as Android's browser - although still with simpler graphics since even IE9 does not support all the new smart CSS3 stuff.


Allan K. Nielsen, Kindbergs Program Udvikling
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