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Ajax Safe Uploader has reached version 1.0.0! 

Friday, March 16, 2012 8:44:00 PM

For some months I have been busy on other projects, but last week I did a brave new thing: I did an alpha test of a website by letting a potential user with very little computer knowledge try it out, while I was sitting in the background - just looking at what he did, trying my very best not to interrupt or comment on anything he did.

The experiment was a huge eye opener!

Not only did it reveal several bugs (because he did things I have never imagined a user would do), it also revealed several places where the user got stuck or confused - and while I might argue why things were as they were, I kept my mouth shut and instead thought about how to straighten them out. And in the end they were all fairly easy to fix.

Well, one of the bugs was a Chrome-only error with my AjaxSafeUpload control that I had not spotted myself. And another user test on another project also found problems with the AjaxSafeUpload control on older Android phones...

So I went back into the code to fix the problems, and while I had my head inside it, I decided that now was the time to add the missing checks and error messages to fully ensure a smooth user experience.

And the result is: A fully feature complete version 1.0.0 release of my upload control!


Read more about the upload control for ASP.NET

Read more about the testing of the upload control on all kinds of browsers and phones.


And finally some additional inspiration that I can warmly recommend:

Read about Human Interface Guidelines on wikipedia (see the links at the bottom of that page)

I read Apple's guidelines some years ago, and I think it was there they wrote about the importance of doing user tests like I just did - and while the similar Microsoft document was a bit too full of advertising talk (like "impress your users"), Apple's contains the simple rules that will make users feel good about your program!


Allan K. Nielsen, Kindbergs Program Udvikling
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