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A warning to link spammers 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 5:45:00 PM

I know that SEO tactics means that people want links to their website, and preferably good text links to special crafted landing pages...

But why do black hat link spammers insist on going around posting stupid comments on blogs like mine? Comments that does not make sense, just in order to post a link to a landing page of theirs.

What is this viewpoint of life, that nobody else matters - that just because you can do something, you think you are in your right to do it? That you can post any stupid thing you want, just for the sake of SEO, without thinking about how it will be received by other human beings?

Anyway, here is to you link spammers:

This website is monitored, and all comments with nonsense links will be removed!

A sensible link would be a link to your own personal website (if you comment on a post of mine and want people to know who you are), or a link to a different software/code solution on sourceforge or a similar website (if it is related to whatever code I myself have posted).

And a nonsense link would be a link to a specific product landing page that it not at all related to the content of my blog post - such as the links to a medical site or to a shop selling android phones, which I have both deleted during the past week!


Well, I guess it is to much to hope for, that spammers should stop posting just because I write a blog post about it - but if any are reading this, then know that there is a human being sitting here, who gets offended by bad SEO manners.


Updated 2012-09-07:

Well, since I wrote the above, the number of comments that I have deleted or sensored have trippled, so now I'm just turning off the comment system.

Allan K. Nielsen, Kindbergs Program Udvikling
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