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Programs & websites tailormade for you.

This IT company was founded in 2001, is owned and run by Allan Kindberg Nielsen.

As a single man company I hold all posts from Executive Director to keyboard-cleaner, but the position I would give myself is: Software developer / web developer. After all, the company was not made because I thought it would be fun to play ED, but because it gave me free play as a freelance IT consultant.

But since I in November 2007 got a permanent position in ProData Consult, my own company has been running on a very low level...

I still maintain some of the program I have helped developing, including a special Danish dictionary for school teachers & students.

And I still maintain some Website I have participated in making during the years, including - the hobby of 2 fun artists, who have become a small secondary income for them.

And of course my company has the purpose to keep my own knowledge up to date, since you constantly has to study and learn more, if you want to make it in the future of the IT world. In relation to this, I upgraded this Website in November 2010 to run a new Context Management System, because the best way to learn such a CMS to know, is to try it for real! As registered Microsoft partner my company also get to try the latest software, so that I can keep up with the developments on the Windows platform, which is what I mainly work with.

What could wake the company up for more action?

The right exciting project!

As an employee my free time is not so great, but on the other hand it does ensure food and rent is paid, so that I have possibility to make interesting projects for the future. So if the right inventor comes with an IT technical exciting idea, which I think could become real good, then I would be more than willing to look at it!

Update 7/4-2011: Two projects has actually arrived in this category, so for the coming month or two, I am fully booked.

Until then?

Until then this Website will be used by me as an outlet for my need to write about big and small things - more rather: technology and computers.

Maybe I will also make an OpenSource section for my own utilities and stuff - it so, it would be announced here in the English part of this Website.

And with this start there might also come more Websites made by me using this CMS system - some made for money and others as a volunteer project, while I am becoming better at it.


Best wishes

Allan K. Nielsen
Software developer / web developer
Kindbergs Program Udvikling
(in English: "Kindberg's Program Development")
Phone: +45 6066 0380